Jewellery care is hugely important if you want your jewellery to have a long life! Taking care of your jewellery starts with minding when to have it on – and when to take it off. Even though it’s extremely tempting to wear your jewellery at all times, I would advise you to follow these simple steps.


Remember to take off your jewellery:

  • Before going to bed, doing excercise or going to the swimming pool (bumps to the jewellery can make the piece scratched or bruised. Chlorin can chemically react with metals and make the color change, stain gold og weaken settings).
  • Before taking a shower (shampoo and conditioner can store behind settings and harm the piece).
  • Whenever you are in contact with beauty products (lotion, sun screen, perfume, makeup or hair spray). You can start a routine! Take off your piece first thing at night and put in back on lastly in the morning.
  • Before cleaning the house (detergents and chemicals kan harm your piece).
  • Store your jewellery in an air tight container. This will keep it from oxidizing unwantedly.




When jewellery get in contact with oxygen and the natural azids of the skin they will undoubtedly oxidize, stain and loose some of their shine.

Cleaning: Gold, silver and diamonds

If your jewellery lost some shine or got a slight change in color you can polish your piece with a clean cotton cloth. You can also easily cover your jewellery in luke warm water with a bit of soap in 10 minutes and clean off dirt with a soft toothbrush.

Cleaning: Oxidized silver

Do not clean oxidized jewellery with a toothbrush since this will wear off the oxidized surface treatment. Instead, cover your oxidized jewellery in luke warm water (without soap) and carefully whipe with a clean cotton cloth.

The oxidized surface treatment will on every piece of jewellery be worn off with time. This is thought of in my designs. The contrast between the dark oxidation and the bright silver showing when worn creates a look that is rough and raw.

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